55 Chestnut Street

Camden Maine




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There is always some kind of inspiration or dream that makes a person who they are. Franny’s Bistro began as one of my dreams, and this dream actually came true! Since my childhood, I dreamt of having my own kitchen where I could create new dishes and impress the world with my tastes. Today, I am doing just that.

This bistro began with a small dream and it's growing every day, nourished by hard work and a love for good food served in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. 

I hope that you can taste my passion for food in every dish I serve at Franny's Bistro -- my dream restaurant!


Jack Neal

Jack Neal- Chef/Owner

With more than 20 years of experience working in kitchens across the U.S. and abroad, Jack Neal currently serves as Owner and Chef for Franny’s Bistro in Camden, ME. The restaurant is a labor of love for Jack and his wife who run the business together. Providing a place for discerning guests to gather and dine is a dream come true for Jack who loves to flex his creative muscle with innovative menu items that incorporate the finest ingredients and feature expert preparation.


Raised in a Navy household, Jack’s career began at the tender age of 15 working at the Enlisted Mess on the base in Bermuda. It was clear from jump that cooking would remain his passion and he continued gaining on-the-job experience working as a teenager at seasonal inns along the Maine Coast.  Formal training at one of the world’s best culinary schools, The Culinary Institute of America, would broaden Jack’s skill set and put him on a trajectory for future success as both a chef and manager. He graduated with honors and began a career that now spans more than 20 years.


Jack Neal’s experience includes time in Jamaica and the Bahamas cooking at Tryall Golf, Tennis & Beach Resort and Windermere Island Club respectively.  He worked with Mark Loring and Walter Loeman simultaneously running three of their restaurant kitchens: Walter's Cafe, Perfetto and Joe’s Boathouse. He served as Chef for The Blair Hill Inn and as Chef de Cuisine at the Hartstone Inn.  As Foodservice Director for Hope Elementary School, Jack transformed a neglected heat and serve operation to a scratch kitchen with fresh baked breads and home cooked meals for 175 K-8 students. It’s an accomplishment that he’s extremely proud of along with steady summer work at Camp Bishopswood where he provides exceptional meal options to sleepaway campers.


Jack Neal is a proud father of two sons. Aside from cooking, of course, he enjoys camping, fishing and tie dying. Whether he’s developing menus upscale restaurants or cooking for hungry campers, Jack does it with style—always looking to explore interesting culinary forms whenever possible.

Jennifer Neal- Owner/Manager